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Hypnotism Certification & Hypnotherapy Training


Training now ONLINE for Spring 2020

April 25-28 and May 9-12
You are only a certification away from having a strong modality that offers career fulfillment
greater income earning, and will give you the knowledge and practice to deliver life-changing
results with those you work with.
Whether you want to improve and deepen the work you are already doing with clients or you are
looking to venture out on your own and live your purpose of helping others, 
hypnotherapy training is your ticket to enhancing your work,your life and setting you
down a path of transformation.
Your life and the lives of those you help, will be forever changed with the release of old beliefs &
behaviours and the creation of new neural pathways & perceptions for success.
This course is a practical, hands-on approach to confidently learning about hypnotism and leave with the confidence to hypnotize your
subject as well as create great change after doing so.
What benefits are you creating for yourself by taking this training?
  • You will be able to help people access the deeper parts of their mind in order to create healing from past traumas.
  • With the knowledge of how to change thoughts, feelings, and perceptions at the subconscious level you will be able to change habits, behaviours, inappropriate reactions and responses.
  • ​By learning techniques and processes to heal trauma, create forgiveness at a deeper level and introduce new chemical messaging in the mind for healthier habits and thoughts will be knowledge and information that will benefit everyone around you.
  • ​The real power of hypnosis is that you will be able to help people gain more control over their own minds and hearts which will, in turn, create many positive changes in their lives and make things like debilitating anxiety and depression a thing of the past.
  • That the self-improvement that you will experience as a result of taking the class will give you a greater ability to help those around you and will
  • benefit those that work with and for you.
  • ​If you are a practitioner of other healing modalities then this training will deepen the level of work you are doing, taking it to a whole other level.
Online Hypnotism Certification & Hypnotherapy Training
A Consulting Hypnotist Certification with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) - the World's largest hypnosis organization
AND a Certificate of Competency from The Hypnotherapy Institute of Saskatchewan and Hypno Heather.
April 25-28 and May 9-12
Class will be taught in zoom & we will split into zoom breakout sessions for practice time on each other
Live demos by Heather with class participants for students to see
4 days with a 10-day break and back for 4 days
9 - 4:30 pm with rest breaks and 1 hour lunch break


 $2899 USD
Regular Price $3299 USD - Save $400 USD


 $1019 USD x 3 months
*5-month payment plans is available if bundled with Online Group Mentoring.
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**Prices all inclusive of taxes and fees
In this training you will learn:
  • What is the subconscious mind and how does it work
  • How to create and deliver a perfect pre-talk for 100 times greater success from sessions
  • ​10 step successful session building format to be used for all sessions 
  • ​Discovery of the root cause
  • ​Ideomotor responding for root cause discovery, getting answers and resolutions directly from the subconscious mind 
  • ​Regression - age and past life
  • Client conversations to help pinpoint more accurately what really needs to be worked on in session 
  • ​Easy depth testing
  • ​Forgiveness in hypnosis
  • ​Hypnosis for anxiety
  • ​Releasing and dissolving techniques 
Plus everything covered in the NGH Course: 
  • How to hypnotize
  • Self-hypnosis
  • ​An overview of the profession of hypnosis
  • ​Regression - age and past life
  • How to explain hypnosis to people and clients
  • How to establish rapport
  • Laws of suggestion
  • ​Suggestibility tests 
  • ​Pre-induction talk 
  • ​​Practical hints for hypnotic induction 
  • ​De-hypnotization
  • ​Recognition of the depth of the hypnotic state
  • ​Authoritarian and permissive induction techniques
  • ​Rapid Induction techniques
  • ​Posthypnotic suggestion
  • ​Deepening techniques
  • ​Hypnosis for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress reduction and more 
  • ​How to set up your practice and build clientele
  • ​And so much more...
Heather’s hypnotherapy practice founded in 2011 under a different name and re-branded in 2014 and has been a full-time practice and has served over 900 clients since.
Founded 2016, offering quality, in-depth training since 2014 with over 60 hypnotists and hypnotherapists certified.
Founded in 2016, monthly meetings and events to support hypnotherapists in their practice to enhance lives through hypnosis. 16 members and growing.
Do you need more reasons to take this training?
  • Certifications of knowledge and competence
  • Far beyond the basics of the NGH certification
  • ​Modernized lessons of how to make techniques more efficient and less timely to leave more time to work on the issue
  • The ONLY trainer and training backed by the Saskatchewan governing body of hypnotism - The Saskatchewan Chapter of Hypnotherapists est. 2016
  • Professionalism and integrity 
  • ​A 222-page manual curated and compiled by Hypno Heather of tried and true scripts, techniques and pertinent info not covered in the NGH material
  • A ​20-hour practicum assignment for after class to secure your knowledge and skill from the start
  • Daily guidance for tapping into the wisdom within and breaking through the glass ceiling
  • Continued support and opportunities for exposure, continued education and success after the class
  • ​Trainer Heather Rodriguez with over 6 years of hypnotism training and 60+ students and a 9-year hypnotherapy practice
Some of the ways this support is available are:
  • Membership in the Saskatchewan Chapter of Hypnotherapists for a chance to be a part of a public presence for growing awareness, self-promotion and learning with a new topic explored every week
  • Private Facebook group for the past and present students of Heather’s for continued connection with peers and resource for asking questions
  • ​Admission into the Conscious Practitioners Community private Facebook group designed to level up your practice from the inside-out
  • Access to a manual of curated information and scripts by Heather of material and theory that helped her achieve the level of success she has


 $2899 USD
Regular Price $3299 USD - Save $400 USD


 $1019 USD x 3 months
*5-month payment plans is available if bundled with Online Group Mentoring.
Click the button below to see your options.
**Prices all inclusive of taxes and fees 
  • You can take it now and come out of this crisis transformed & with a fully developed skill
  • Access to ALL of the videos from class (this will be a full library of 8 days of training)
  • ​Your practice sessions in class (and potentially practicum) will all be online - so you will be 100% virtually versed
  • ​Take it from anywhere you live! Save on all travel expenses.
  • You will be the first NGH graduates to have been trained online
  • Use mind/heart/soul care to help those that are suffering now and are unable to access in-person treatments for illnesses, anxiety, pain and health conditions .

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