Feel Better to Lose Weight 

Running again for 4 weeks - starting at the end of September 2017.

Dates and location will be announced soon!


• Tired of food cravings controlling you?

• Tired of yo-yo dieting that never gets results?

• Having a hard time having the will power to be motivated?

• Do you feel that your mind and your thoughts are stopping your from losing weight?




• feeling better along the way to losing weight 

• creating a lifestyle of health and balance with food and exercise

* changing habits and behaviours in the subconscious mind to change the way you feel and the choices that you make 

• become more content with where you are and excited for where you are going


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WHEN: Fall 2017



WHY: Creating a lifestyle of weight health begins with the way you think and feel.



Week 1: Acceptance

Finding contentment with where you are right now and become clear about how you want to feel 

Cut out cravings 

Change eating habits: Are you a binge eater? A stress eater? A self-esteem eater? An emotional eater? Find out in this workshop and let hypnosis change the way you eat which will change the way you look. 

Week 2: Release

Let go of beliefs & feelings that have held you back and those that have caused you to be hard on yourself 

Self love and forgiveness

Week 3: Visualize

Learn the ‘key’ about how to attract the body you want

Learn how to successfully use positive self talk and affirmations to create results

Week 4: Reward

Create a lasting lifestyle of weight loss health and celebrate success 

Get excited about supporting yourself to get to where you want be!


How will this program benefit YOU?:

  • Eating better and having a lot more control over what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat
  • Feeling better and more relaxed in general
  • Worry less
  • Feel more motivated to move your body
  • Learn to use your thoughts to feel better and accomplish your goals with ease
  • Create a healthy relationship with your self and your weight loss that lasts


What has been said about the first class held in June 2016:

 ‘I realized very quickly that my weight problem was not so much one of 'body weight' but one of self image. Heather helped me realize that losing weight is not the total goal - working at feeling better each day/hour/minute is better than just focusing on "the end goal". Gradually you find that feeling a little bit better each day gives you incentive to keep going and accept yourself as you are (flaws and all).  Once I quit beating myself up and started to realize that I really am a nice person just the way I am, my desire to feel good by eating became less and less and I lost weight and continue to do so even after our sessions have ended.’  Phyllis.S. - Regina, SK Canada


TWO price points available for this class to suit your needs and affordability:

Option 1:

Gives you FULL access to the 4 week class with all the extras:

  • 8 hours of thought and behaviour changing talks and hypnotherapy with Hypno Heather and all of her expertise
  • 3 take home audios 
  • Simple nutritional additions helpful for weight loss


Value: $1430.00

YOUR PRICE: $500 plus gst ($25) = $525.00


Option 2:

Gives you everything included in Option 1 PLUS a personal 2 hour private session with Hypno Heather 

Value: $1730.00

YOUR PRICE: $675 plus gst ($33.75) = $708.75



For questions contact Hypnotherapist Heather Rodriguez or call: 306.596.2298





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